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Tucker Rule Signature Series (Thursday, L.S. Dunes)                                               

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From the hours spent sweating it out in his mother's attic, to perfecting his craft on the global stage, Tucker Rule has kept a common theme to make music, and more specifically, drums a passion. From songwriting to tuning, Tucker's drums should be taken nothing but seriously. Tucker's 20 years of work with his band Thursday, and most recently L.S Dunes, have seen an ever rising evolution of sound, luckily for the rest of us we can celebrate that finely crafted sound right now!

Tucker's chops are well know in the rock drumming world. When Thursday took a brief hiatus, Tucker did some touring as a hired drummer with other bands as a such as My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard and British boy band The Wanted. 

Thanks to you can now own some of Tucker's signature sounds. From his personal collection, Tucker recorded 7 amazing snare drums, an awesome Q Drum maple kit and a beautiful Q Drum Co. copper kit. You'll also hear the Zildjian Special Dry series and every drum at multiple velocities. 

Tucker Rule is proudly Endorsed by Q Drum Company, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Heads, Promark Sticks, DW Hardware, J.H. Audio and Reflexx Drum Pads.

Tucker's sample pack contains 2,562 Samples. See the extensive list of drums below the he was generous enough to bring to the studio to make this sample pack.

Each drum/cymbal comes with multiple velocity samples as well as individual folders for dry-close mics, close/room mics blend and only room mics to mix into your recordings. The sonic possibilities are endless with this sample pack. Buy now and receive an email with an instant download link.

Formats Available:

All samples recorded and delivered in 44.1/24 bit .wav file format, presets for Kontakt (full version only) and presets for Slate Digital's Trigger 2. Raw, unprocessed samples are also included in this pack. 

Our Kontakt libraries require the full version of Kontakt 5 or above. If you are using the free Kontakt Player, the libraries will display a ‘DEMO’ message, and will time out after 10 minutes. Kontakt can be bought from Native Instruments here, or as part of Komplete here.

Tucker's kit consists of:




Kick 1 Copper


Q Drum Co. 14"x26" Copper Shell w/ Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated Head.

Tom 1 Copper



Q Drum Co. 10"x14" Copper Shell w/ Remo Control Sound White Dot Head.

Tom 2 Copper



Q Drum Co. 16"x16" Copper Shell w/ Remo Controlled Sound White Dot Head.

Tom 3 Copper



Q Drum Co. 16"x18" Copper Shell w/ Remo Controlled Sound White Dot Head.

Kick 1 Maple



Q Drum Co. 9"x22" Maple w/ Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 Head.

Tom 1 Maple



Q Drum Co. 8"x12" Maple w/ Remo Controlled Sound Black Dot Head.

Tom 2 Maple



Q Drum Co. 8"x12" Maple w/ Remo Control Sound Black Dot Head.

Snare 1


Q Drum Co. 7"x14" Brass w/ Remo Coated Emperor X Head. Used with The Wanted from 2013-2014 & on Yellowcard tours 2014-2016.

Snare 2


8"x14" Steel Keplinger w/ Remo Coated Emperor X Head. All Eyes West "Doomer" Album.

Snare 3


6.5"x14" Tama Bell Brass w/ Bell Brass Hoops. Remo Coated Emperor X Head. The Nirvana Holy Grail Snare. Used on Warped Tour 2002.

Snare 4


5"x14" Ludwig Supraphonix w/ Remo Coated Ambassador Head. Blue Olive Badge. Late 70's. Chrome Over Aluminum.

Snare 5


7"x14" Ayotte Maple w/ Remo Coated Emperor Head. Featured on the Thursday album "Common Existance".

Snare 6


6.5"x14" Keplinger Ayotte Steel w/ Remo Emperor X Head. Used on the Thursday album "City By Light Divided" and used  on the "War All The Time" tour.

Snare 7


Q Drum Co. 7"x14" Aluminum w/ Remo Coated Emperor Head. Used on the 2015 Yellowcard tour. Latest Thursday show favorite.

Crash 1


19" K Custom Special Dry Crash

Crash 2


20" K Custom Special Dry Crash



22" K Custom Special Dry Ride



22" K Custom Special Dry Trash China

Hi Hats


15" K Custom Special Dry