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Q: What are Single Shot Samples?

A: Single shot and signature series drum samples are geared towards rock recording drum replacement. Single shot samples are usually single hit snares, kicks, toms or cymbals made into separate multi-velocity files. The samples can be easily added to most of the drum replacement softwares readily available such as Drumagog, Trigger, Battery, Kontakt and many more. Or be a true rebel and add your sample replacement the hard way, by hand, one-by-one. (you know who you are!!) Each sample was recorded and is delivered in 24bit/44.1 WAV format.

Q: How will I receive my purchased samples?

A: You will receive a link in your email after purchase that will allow you one download of each product you buy.

Q: What bit rate/sample resolution are your samples?

A: Single shot and Signature Series samples will be in 24bit/44.1 WAV file format.

Q: Which DAW are these samples compatible with?

A: All samples on our site are completely compatible with any DAW (Protools, Logic, Fruity Loops, Reason, Reaper, Ableton, etc.)

Q: How many velocity layers do your samples have?

A: Depends on the product. Most sample packs (including Signature Series) will have multi-velocity. Some packs may have up to 20 or more velocity layers per sample! See item descriptions to find out if the product your interested in is multi velocity or not.

Q: Can I use these samples/loops/beats for any song/record without having to pay royalties?

A: Absolutely! Whatever products you purchase can be used on any recordings royalty free! The only restriction is that you are not to repackage and resell as is. 

Q: Can I make my own product and sell it on your site?

A: Possibly! Were always looking to work with talented producers/artists. If you have a product that you think we'd be interested in selling, don't hesitate to reach out!

Q: Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with my purchase?

A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot offer refunds on digitally downloaded products.