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Aaron Stern Signature Series (Matchbook Romance, D.R.U.G.S.)

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Aaron Stern has been in the world of rock 'n roll drumming almost his entire life. First coming to fame as the drummer for Matchbook Romance, he soon moved on to indie rock infamy with D.R.U.G.S., You Me and Everyone You Know, and finally landing on world tours as the drummer for Goldfinger. Aaron has also had a successful career as a session drummer for a number of studio recordings. Now you can have him play on your recording as well.

You can purchase all 210 single shot samples of Aaron's favorite kit right here. Each drum/cymbal comes with multiple velocity samples as well as individual folders for dry-close mics, close/room mics blend and only room mics to mix into your recordings. The sonic possibilities are endless with this sample pack. Buy now and receive an email with an instant download link.

Formats Available:

All samples recorded and delivered in 44.1/24 bit .wav file format, presets for Kontakt (full version only) and presets for Slate Digital's Trigger 2. Raw, unprocessed samples are also included in this pack. 

Our Kontakt libraries require the full version of Kontakt 5 or above. If you are using the free Kontakt Player, the libraries will display a ‘DEMO’ message, and will time out after 10 minutes. Kontakt can be bought from Native Instruments here, or as part of Komplete here. 

Aaron's kit consists of:

Snare 1 37 6"x14" Hand Hammered Brass with Evans ST Head
Snare 2 35
6.5"x14" Birch 10 ply Yankees Logo w/ Evans HD Dry Head
Kick 37
22"x22" 10 ply Maple with Evans EMAD Coated Head
Tom 1 18
8"x10" 10 ply Maple with Evans Hydraulic Black Head
Tom 2 18
10"x12" 10 ply Maple with Evans Hydraulic Black Head
Floor Tom 18
12"x16" 10 ply Maple with Evans Hydraulic Black Head
Crash 1 9
20" A Custom Crash
Crash 2 9
22" Medium Dark Ride
Ride 9
20" A Custom EFX Crash
China 5
20" China Trash
Hi Hats 15
15" A Custom New Beat Hi-Hats