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Josh Eppard Signature Series (Coheed and Cambria)

Josh Eppard Signature Series (Coheed and Cambria)

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Josh Eppard first sat behind a drum kit at the ripe ol’ age of 9, and as eye witnesses recall, “he just played a beat!”. Josh’s open handed, hard hitting (now) signature style has drawn influence from both Led Zeppelin’s own John Bonham as well as the groove that graces Stevie Wonder’s entire catalog. Penning his first major label record at age 13, Josh never looked back. From a local to a global stage Josh is not just known as a drummer, he’s a selling point.

Thanks to, you can now own that signature sound. The Josh Eppard Signature Series gives you drum options such as the snare drums that landed their way on to Coheed and Cambria’s seminal records "Second Stage Turbine Blade" and "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3". Dig through Josh’s drum closet and upgrade your drum library.

Josh is proudly endorsed by Tama Drums and Sabian Cymbals. There is a total of 1,164 samples in this package. 

Each drum/cymbal comes with multiple velocity samples as well as individual folders for dry-close mics, close/room mics blend and only room mics to mix into your recordings. The sonic possibilities are endless with this sample pack. Buy now and receive an email with an instant download link.

Formats Available:

All samples recorded and delivered in 44.1/24 bit .wav file format, presets for Kontakt (full version only) and presets for Slate Digital's Trigger 2. Raw, unprocessed samples are also included in this pack.

Our Kontakt libraries require the full version of Kontakt 5 or above. If you are using the free Kontakt Player, the libraries will display a ‘DEMO’ message, and will time out after 10 minutes. Kontakt can be bought from Native Instruments here, or as part of Komplete here.

Josh's kit consists of:

Snare 1 196

5.5"x14" C&C Custom w/ Evans Hybrid Head

Snare 2 202

6"x14" DW Col Series Bronze w/ HD Dry Evans Head

Snare 3

5"x14" Mapex Black Panther Brass w/ HD Dry Evans Head

Snare 4 116

5"x14" Tama Brass w/ HD Dry Evans Head. Used on "The Second Stage Turbine Blade", "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3", & "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV"

Kick 120

16"x22" Tama Starclassic w/ Evans Emad 2 Head

Tom 1 96

8"x12" Tama Starclassic w/ Evans Clear EC2 Head

Floor Tom 96

16"x16" Tama Starclassic w/ Evans Clear EC2 Head

Crash 1 8
Sabian 20" Paragon Crash
Splash 2
Sabian 10" HHX Attack Splash
Ride 22
Sabian 20" HHX Stage Ride
China 2
Sabian 19" Paragon China
Hi Hats 180
Sabian 14" Paragon Hi Hats