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NADA Bassman 50 Purple Jewel KEMPER PROFILE PACK

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This ‘72 Bassman has a unique story. We call it the “Purple Jewel Bassman”. This particular amp was saved from a neglected life of living on someone’s front porch, exposed to the elements. It was covered in snow the day we found it. Holding true to old world buildsmanship, we brought it back to our studio, plugged it in, and it fired right up without a hiccup to be heard in all the years we’ve owned it. Luck? Maybe..but we’ve always felt this old amp was grateful to be saved and vowed to give it’s owner a companion in tone for perpetuity (at least that’s what we hope!)

We paired this amp with our very loud 1960 Vintage 4x12 cab equipped with V30 speakers. This pairing gave the amp just the right vintage breakup. We mic’d the cab with an SM57 on axis, slightly to the left of the dust cap. The mic preamp was one of our Neve 1073LB’s. There are 8 mix ready studio profiles included in this pack.