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drumsamplesdotcom · JCM 800 KEMPER SAMPLE

 Our 1987 Marshall JCM 800, 2210, 100W Head with white tolex came to us by way of the band The Audition from Chicago in 2005. You can hear this amp featured on The Audition’s 2005 album “Controversy Loves Company” and Polar Bear Club’s 2008 release “Sometimes Things Just Disappear”.

This old amp has incredible punch and a forward mid-tone that Marshall 800’s are known for, but we think this one sounds the sweetest of them all. This is easily a studio favorite as it’s the amp most requested in our studio.

These 10 studio profiles were captured through our SM57 / Neve 1073LB.. The cab was a 4x12 Marshall 1960 Vintage with Celestion V30’s.

As an added bonus we've included a 1 free studio profile of our Ampeg SVT-350 bass head, captured through our 8x10.

All guitar/bass sounds in the above audio example are from the Kemper profiles available in this pack!